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Eleanor’s mom and dad found me online about a week before she was born while they were searching for newborn photographers.  I was able to squeeze her in, so we set up the session, planned looks and ideas, and waited until she arrived.

On her session day, I had lots of cute looks set up and ready to go…lots of pinks and purples, and a splash of aqua. Eleanor’s mom wanted flowers incorporated into the session, so we even took her outside into my newborn garden for some outdoor newborn photos! It was a beautiful day, and the perfect time of year to take advantage of my pink azaleas and fragrant purple lilacs.

She slept like a dream for me, and didn’t make a peep until the very end of the session.  And that’ll just be a story her mom and dad can tell her one day.  Ha ha!

Read Eleanor’s story, and view her gallery of newborn photos below…


Baby’s name: Eleanor Rose
Session Date: May 16, 2018
Due Date: May 16, 2018
Birthday: May 9, 2018
Birth Time: 1:35pm
Weight: 7lbs 5.3 oz
Length: 19 1/4 in
Eleanor’s Story…

On sharing the news of Eleanor’s arrival: “Since I was living in Chicago, I had to facetime my family to let them know. They were all so happy but surprised!”

Pregnancy cravings: “I ate a lot of ice cream and watermelon! Until I found out that I had gestational diabetes and had to cut out the sugar and carbs.”

Eleanor’s name: “Eleanor was my grandmother’s name and Elly’s was a special place my friends and I went to in Chicago. Rose is my other grandmother’s middle name, along with several other family members.”

The moment I first met her: “It was completely surreal. After 2 1/2 hours of pushing, I finally could feel her head crowning and so I gave it another push and they put her right on me. We stayed skin to skin for almost 5 hours – I wouldn’t let anyone else hold her, even daddy!”

First thing I noticed: “Her dark blue/grey eyes were wide open and she had a head full of dark hair.”

Describe your favorite features of your baby, the ones you’ll never want to forget.

Favorite features” “Her lips are just like mine – a cupid’s wing. She also has an adorable button nose. She’s perfect!”

Favorite moments: “I love wrapping her up in a swaddle and holding her or skin to skin contact. I just love holding her.”

Describe any of the little personality traits or adorable things your baby does.

Personality and cute things she does: “She squirms a lot but it takes a lot to really make her cry (until it’s late at night and she needs to be asleep :). She constantly can sneak her hands out from the swaddle so she can suck on her fingers.”

“She is the best gift we have ever been given. She is truly a miracle!”

newborn baby girl in outdoor garden with pink azalea flowersPINIMAGEnewborn baby girl in outdoor garden in basket with aqua fur surrounded by pink azaleasPINIMAGEnewborn baby girl outdoors in garden surrounded by purple lilacsPINIMAGEnewborn baby girl on pale pink lace holding a purple lilacPINIMAGEnewborn baby girl swaddled in purple holding a lilac flowerPINIMAGEnewborn baby girl laying on dusty pink lace swaddled in tealPINIMAGEnewborn baby girl profile on dusty pink lacePINIMAGEnewborn baby girl posed on pink lacePINIMAGEnewborn baby girl tucked into iron bed wearing sleepy capPINIMAGEnewborn baby girl on bed with flowery headbandPINIMAGE

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Baby A’s mom found me during her search for newborn photographers in Michigan.  She enjoyed looking through my galleries, so she reached out prior to her little one’s birth.

We had a great conversation, and talked a lot about styling for the session. Baby A’s nursery is decorated in a “springtime in Paris theme”, so we planned for springtime colors, lots of pretty pink tones, and a mini Eiffel Tower.

Baby A arrived right on her due date, and we planned her session for her 11th day. She slept through most of the session, barely making a peep; we only stopped mid-way through for one quick meal.  After eating, she fell right back asleep, making cute little expressions. Her face lit up into a few sweet smiles, and I was able to capture them!

Along with the pretty pink springtime tones, we planned for some Paris themed photos too! Come to find out, her parents were actually engaged in Paris, which made the theme even more special!  I used my mini Eiffel Tower, arranging it near her while she dozed on a little bed, and cutest of all…having her hold it closely with her tiny fingers.  So sweet, and perfectly complimented to a Paris theme! What a fun story they’ll have to tell her!

To bring a little spring indoors, her momma brought along a bouquet of beautiful pink, magenta, and white peonies. We captured lots of beautiful shots with her surrounded in them.  Add in a little more pink, a unicorn bonnet,  angel wings, and a sparkly princess crown, and we finished up the session with tons of adorable, extra girly looks.

Read Baby A’s story and view her gallery of adorable newborn photos below…



Name: Baby A
Due Date: 04/29/18
Birthday: 04/29/18
Birth Time: 18:45
Weight: 3.07 kg
Length: 20.5 in


On sharing the news of her arrival:
To spouse-“OMG, we’re pregnant! (Immediately after doctor’s office phoned to confirm test results.)”
To mom-“At temple with announcement.”
To dad-“At restaurant with sis-YouTube worthy! :)”
To mom+dad- “In Collingwood with announcement.”

Cravings: “No cravings-except for Alphonso mangoes-Windsor!”

Pregnancy events: “*Sigh*.  Falling the Thursday before induction date on belly outside UPS store picking up a package…the diaper bag.”

The moment we first met her: “She was lifted over the C-section curtain and her father and I saw her for the first time.  I cried-tears of joy, after 3 days and 3 hours of pushing, plus a C-section!”

The first thing we noticed: “Her perfect form-everything about her was and is perfect and beautiful.”

Favorite features: “Her beautiful, expressive eyes.  Her long, pretty fingers.  Her spunk!  Taurus!”

Favorite moments: “Skin to skin cuddling.”

Memories to cherish: “Her looking up at me after feeding.  I never want to forget that she needs me to be the best I can be for her.”

“It’s amazing how much our lives have changes as a result of her arrival! I’m amazed at how much I love her and how I’d truly do anything to ensure her well-being.”


newborn baby girl swaddled in white holding mini eiffel tower statue on pink lacePINIMAGEPINIMAGEnewborn baby girl holding an Eiffel tower on pink lacePINIMAGEnewborn baby girl in tiny iron bed swaddled in pinkPINIMAGEnewborn baby girl swaddled in pink on iron bed with eiffel towerPINIMAGEPINIMAGEPINIMAGEPINIMAGEPINIMAGEPINIMAGEnewborn baby girl smiling swaddled in pink on pink lacePINIMAGEnewborn baby girl headshot wearing pink swaddle and headband laying on lacePINIMAGEPINIMAGEPINIMAGEPINIMAGEPINIMAGEnewborn baby girl holding eiffel tower statue swaddled in white on pink furPINIMAGEnewborn baby girl holding eiffel tower statue swaddled in white on pink fur close facePINIMAGEnewborn baby girl with white feather angel wings on pink backgroundPINIMAGEnewborn baby girl on pink background with white feather angel wingsPINIMAGEnewborn baby girl laying on pink background with a pink daisy tiebackPINIMAGEnewborn baby girl laying on pink fur profilePINIMAGEnewborn baby girl headshot on pink backgroundPINIMAGEnewborn baby girl wearing fuzzy pink bear bonnetPINIMAGEnewborn baby girl smiling surrounded by pink peony flowersPINIMAGEPINIMAGEnewborn baby girl laying on white fur holding pink peonyPINIMAGEPINIMAGEnewborn baby girl holding pink peony flower with motherPINIMAGE



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When I got a call requesting a gift certificate for a baby shower, I was especially excited to learn that it was for a twin baby girls! I added the babies’ due date to my calendar and waited patiently for the gift to be gifted, for the babies to arrive, and for their momma to reach out to chat about the session.

The twins’ newborn session was scheduled for their 17th day.  They were so itty bitty and sweet, just over 4 lbs each.  They slept amazingly well during the session, and were SO easy to work with.  They barely made a peep.  They cozied right up to each other, allowing me to snuggle them together in lots of cute and cuddly poses.

We styled the session in creams, baby pinks, purple, and soft green.  Their momma requested a mermaid themed photo too,  and swaddled in shades of teal wearing starfish headbands, they looked absolutely adorable.  Last but not least, they wore a sparkly hats bought for them by their grandma.

Read their story and view their gallery of photos below…



Baby’s names: Ava Elizabeth & Olivia Kathleen
Due Date: May 7, 2018
Birthday: April 27, 2018
Birth Time: 2:53 AM (Olivia) & 2:56 AM (Ava)
Weight: 4 lbs 8 oz (Olivia) & 4 lbs 14 oz (Ava)
Length:17 inches (Olivia) & 19.25 inches (Ava)



Ava & Olivia’s Story…

Regarding the pregnancy: “My pregnancy was very easy for twins. Not very eventful until my water broke!”Special meanings to their names: “My daughters middle names share a special place in my heart as they were named after my sister and my late great grandmother.”

The story of their arrival: “I was scheduled for a c-section for May 7th, but my water broke on April 26th and I ended up delivering the girls on the 27th early in the morning. I remember seeing Olivia for the first time when they held her over the curtain and a rush a tears came over me and I was so happy in that moment.”
First things I noticed: “The first thing that I noticed about the girls was how much hair they had. Olivia had her eyes open right away and Ava was very shy.”

Favorite features: “Olivia’s cute little lips and the endless noises that she makes. Ava for her blonde hair and innocent look. I just love them both for their own individual personalities.”

Favorite  moments and memories: “I cannot say that I have one favorite moment with the girls. Everyday brings its challenges, happiness and joy making my life more enjoyable. I do not want to wish these moments away because they are so precious and tiny.”

Their personalities: “Olivia’s nickname is scrappy-do because she is always putting her hands up in the air and making silly noises to get anyone’s attention. Ava is very sweet and innocent and is my little cuddlier.”

newborn baby girl twins snuggled into egg pose wrap on cream furPINIMAGE

newborn baby girl twins snuggled into egg pose wrap on cream furPINIMAGEnewborn baby girl twins snuggled into egg pose wrap on cream furPINIMAGEnewborn baby girl twins snuggled into egg pose wrapPINIMAGEnewborn baby girl twins snuggled into egg pose wrap on cream furPINIMAGEnewborn twin girls tucked in iron bedPINIMAGEnewborn baby twins snuggled in iron bedPINIMAGEnewborn twin girls holding flowers on purple furPINIMAGEnewborn twin girls in basket with purple furPINIMAGEnewborn twin girls in basket with purple fur smilingPINIMAGEnewborn girl holding flower on purple furPINIMAGEnewborn girl in basket with purple furPINIMAGEnewborn girl holding flower in basket with purple furPINIMAGEnewborn girl in basket with purple furPINIMAGEnewborn twins dressed as mermaids on teal furPINIMAGEnewborn twins smiling dressed as mermaidsPINIMAGEnewborn baby girl dressed as mermaid on teal furPINIMAGEnewborn twin girl with mermaid headbandPINIMAGEnewborn baby girl dressed as mermaid on teal furPINIMAGEnewborn baby girl wearing mermaid headband on teal furPINIMAGEPINIMAGEPINIMAGEnewborn baby twins in basket with white fur wearing sparkly bonnetsPINIMAGEnewborn baby twins in basket with white fur wearing sparkly bonnetsPINIMAGEnewborn twins wearing pinkPINIMAGEmother laying with newborn twin girls laying on furPINIMAGEmother with newborn baby twin girlsPINIMAGE

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Kate’s parents decided to keep her gender a surprise. Many of their friends and family had predicted they would have a boy, but they were all wrong…along came a perfect little pink girl!  Kate’s momma has a self proclaimed stubborn streak, and while in utero, it had been mentioned that the baby had a mind of it’s own too.  She said should have known it was a girl, who was a little bit stubborn, just like her momma!

Kate’s parents found my website while on a babymoon in Florida (well, technically just relaxing for a couple weeks with family while awaiting her arrival).  While searching around for newborn photographers in Metro Detroit, they came across my website and loved what they saw!  Kate’s dad was actually the one to find me, and one image in particular really drew him in: a baby in my chunky knitted snuggle sack with their little toes peeking out. He thought it was the cutest thing, knowing right away that was one pose he wanted to recreate with Kate.  It ended up that Kate was born with the LONGEST toes, and they could definitely envision her in the snuggle wrap with those long, elegant toes peeking out.  Funny fact…Kate’s feet and toes were actually so long that when they inked her footprints at the hospital, her feet didn’t fit in the designated area, and instead, her inked toes extended messily over the edge of the paper, haha!  When I finally put her in the snuggle sack with those long toes peeking out, she gave me a little smirk; it was all meant to be! 🙂

For the session, we styled her in whites, creams, pale pinks, and grays.  She slept quite well, only waking once for a small milk break.  Then back to work we went, finishing up her beautiful gallery of images!


Name: Katherine Jane
Due Date: 05/03/18
Birthday: 04/27/18
Birth Time: 5:46 am
Weight: 8.6 lbs
Length: 21 in



Katherine’s Story…

Sharing the news of Kate’s arrival: “With as many family/friends as possible in person.  Most family we told on Thanksgiving.”

Pregnancy Cravings: “Meat (even though I’m a veggie), pineapple, avocado, cotton candy ice cream, yogurt.”

Inspiration for her name: “Kate’s middle name is after her two maternal great-grandmothers.”

The moment we first met Kate: “The surprise that she was a girl-since everyone told us they thought we were having a boy we were convinced that’s what it was-and then she came out absolutely perfect and we were so in love immediately.”

First thing we noticed: “Her cheeks-so chubby!  And the dark hair! And her long toes!”

Favorite Features: “Her long toes and fingers, and pink chubby cheeks that hid her neck.  The little peach fuzz on the tops of her ears.”

Favorite moments: “She loves to cuddle-the time spent cuddling with her in bed after a feeding.”

Adorable things: “She is a great escape artist and can get both hands free from being swaddled in under a minute.”

newborn baby girl wrapped in creamy lace wrap with toes peeking outPINIMAGEnewborn baby girl wrapped in lacy wrap with toes peeking outPINIMAGEnewborn baby girl on creamy white lace backgroundPINIMAGEnewborn baby girl in basket swaddled in whitePINIMAGEnewborn baby girl wearing white headband on furPINIMAGEnewborn baby girl wearing white knitted bonnet on furPINIMAGEnewborn baby girl on white lace wearing princess crownPINIMAGEnewborn baby girl wearing cream in wood bowlPINIMAGEnewborn baby girl in creamPINIMAGEnewborn baby girl wrapped in cream in wood bowlPINIMAGEnewborn baby girl in swaddle wrap with toes peeking outPINIMAGEnewborn baby girl in lavender striped swaddle wrapPINIMAGEnewborn baby girl in knitted cocoon with toes peeking outPINIMAGEnewborn baby girl swaddled in pale pinkPINIMAGEnewborn baby girl swaddled in pale pink wrapPINIMAGEnewborn baby girl snuggled on pale pink backgroundPINIMAGEnewborn baby girl close face on pale pink backgroundPINIMAGEnewborn baby girl on pale pink background wearing pink and gray headbandPINIMAGEnewborn baby girl laying on pink with angel wingsPINIMAGEnewborn baby girl laying on pale pink backdropPINIMAGEnewborn family portrait with parents mother and fatherPINIMAGEnewborn family portrait with parents mom and dad kissing baby girlPINIMAGEnewborn family portrait with parents mom and dadPINIMAGEnewborn family portrait with parents mom and dadPINIMAGEnewborn baby girl in daddyPINIMAGE

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When Baby A’s grandma called me, it was a blast from the past.  I’d photographed her first grandson 8 years previously.  Wow, how time flies!  She’d just welcomed another grand daughter and was reaching out to get a newborn photography session scheduled for her.

Baby A’s mom knew she liked very natural, simple, and neutral looks, so we stuck to a mainly white and ivory color palette.  Soft and beautiful.  To round out her gallery of images, we added a small pop of color to her last look, styling her in a soft teal.

Baby A had the prettiest hair and chubby cheeks.  She slept like a dream, and we captured lots of beautiful looks that I was excited to share with her family.


Baby A
Due Date: 01/06/18
Birthday: 01/10/18
Birth Time: 8:41 am

Weight: 8.23 lbs
Length: 20.5 in


Baby A’s Story…

On sharing the news of pregnancy: “I’m pretty low key, so no big special announcement or gender reveal.  I tried to tell our mothers on Mother’s Day, but we couldn’t wait for one and the other ended up being sick, so she was told later.”

Special events during pregnancy: “Not so much, it was a really easy pregnancy.”

Cravings: “I’ve always had food cravings, so I could never tell if it was normal or pregnancy craving.  I did drink a lot of milk in my last month of pregnancy.”

On naming baby: “Her middle name is from my grandmother, who left this world too soon.  I’ve had the name in my head for the longest time, even though I said I didn’t want children.”

The moment I first met her: “A wave of emotions, including shock, awe, fullness in my heart, and a tinge of fear.”

First thing I noticed: “Her full head of hair.”

Favorite features: “Her long hair and chubby cheeks.  Basically, every adorable inch of her.”

Favorite moments: “Favorite moments are late night feedings when she and the house are peaceful and quiet.  It feels like we are the only two people in the world. I never want to forget how small and comfortable she feels in  my arms.”

Adorable things she does: “She tucks her hand/arm under her face when she’s sleeping.  She makes adorable faces when  making #2.”

newborn baby girl swaddled in cream egg posePINIMAGEclose up profile of newborn baby girlPINIMAGEclose up baby toes and newborn swaddled in creamPINIMAGEnewborn baby girl swaddled in cream on iron bedPINIMAGEheadshot of newborn baby girl in basketPINIMAGEnewborn baby girl in scalloped wicker basketPINIMAGEnewborn baby girl head on hands posePINIMAGEnewborn baby girl in cream on lacy backgroundPINIMAGEnewborn baby girl swaddled in cream on furPINIMAGEnewborn baby girl on cream furPINIMAGEnewborn baby girl swaddled in teal on furPINIMAGE

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