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{Lily 2018} Senior Portrait Photography West Bloomfield / Ann Arbor

I spent the afternoon spent glaring into the bright sky from behind cheap cardboard solar goggles, watching intently as the moon covered the sun, creating an eerie glow of other-wordly light.

That evening, I met up with Lily for her senior photography session in Ann Arbor.  What fun that her session fell on the day of the 2017 solar eclipse?

We did the first part of her session downtown, and then finished in beautiful green grassy fields abundant with the wild pastel blooms of late summer.  Since cheerleading is a huge part of her life, Lily made sure to bring along her cheer outfit to incorporate into her senior photo session.

Get to know Lily, and then view her gallery of senior pictures below…


West Bloomfield High School


What is your favorite color?

What is your favorite food?

What food don’t you like?

What do you enjoy doing most?
Drawing and spending time with friends

What’s your favorite school subject?

What’s your least favorite subject?

If you watch television, what show do you like?
How I Met Your Mother and Project Runway

What are your hobbies and interests?
Drawing, Music, Art

Where have you traveled? What places have been your favorites?
I have been to Hawaii, Dominican Republic and Thailand and my favorite was Thailand

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go, and why?
I would go to Greece because it is so different from any place I have ever traveled.

What do you collect and how long have you been collecting?
I collect mugs from the places I travel and I have been collecting for almost 4 years.

When are you the happiest?
I’m happiest when I am carefree and hanging with friends that I enjoy spending time with.

What’s your favorite holiday of the year?

What makes this holiday your favorite?
The sense of family and joy is truly amazing around this time of year.

Do you like to shop? What are your favorite stores?
I love to shop. My favorite stores are Forever 21, American Eagle and JC Penney

What is your biggest pet peeve and why?
When people snap their gum. Because it bothers me that they are making noise and don’t realize that other people don’t want to hear then chew.

How have you changed since your freshman year?
I have changed a lot. I am much more confident and I am a lot more secure in knowing what I want and what I deserve out of friendships, family and education.

Do you have college plans?  What is your dream college and why? Are you going to attend it?
My dream college would be Northwestern. I doubt I will attend because of the cost of tuition. However, I would love to attend Kalamazoo College. 

What do you plan on doing for your profession in the future?
I want to go into science. I’m not sure yet if j want to be a doctor, vet, or various other professions.

What is one quote that you live by?
Regret nothing.

What is one outrageous thing you desperately want to try before you die?
I want to skydive

What are the five things you value the most at this point in your life?
Family, friends, happiness, my future, and my quality of education.

If you had an extra $100 to spend, what would you buy?
I would save it

Who is your hero and why?
My mom is my hero because she has taught me so much about perseverance through difficult times.

What dreams do you have for the world of tomorrow?
I hope that everyone can be more accepting and understanding of each other.


Finish these sentences….

I am most grateful for… my family

I am inspired by…My moms hard work and perseverance.

I am disappointed with…the way my school deals with suicide and depression.

I am unique because of my…Cheerleading skills such as a back-layout full twist.

I could not live without…Happiness


senior girl wearing maroon dress sitting on ledge in front of stone buildingsenior girl in maroon dress leaning ledge of stone buildingsenior girl in maroon dress standing in front of stone buildingsenior girl standing in front of marble stairs wearing maroon dresssenior girl with brown hair with eyelashes looking downsenior girl sitting in field surrounded by white flowerssenior girl laying on stomach in green grassy fieldsenior girl in field surrounded by white flowerssenior girl smiling while posed on stone bench surrounded by greenerysenior girl smiling while posed on stone benchwest bloomfield senior girl cheerleader posing on knees in grassy fieldwest bloomfield cheerleader senior girl laying in grassy field




{Photography} by Trudi Lynn

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Located in Brighton, Michigan, {Photography} by Trudi Lynn is an award winning, internationally published custom portrait photographer specializing in artistic newborn baby photography. In addition to adorable newborn studio portraits . She is a senior photographer servicing Metro Detroit, Ann Arbor, and surrounding areas of Michigan. Using her photographic knowledge and ability, paired with artistic editing skills, Trudi creates heirloom works of art. Creating soulful maternity portraits, newborn portraits, baby portraits, and senior portraits for her clients in Michigan. Serving the Greater Metro Detroit, Ann Arbor, Brighton, and surrounding areas of Southeast Michigan, including, but not limited to, Northville, Novi, South Lyon, Birmingham, Bloomfield Hills, West Bloomfield, Rochester, Rochester Hills, Troy, Lansing, Howell, and Hartland. She serves Wayne County, Oakland County, Livingston County, Washtenaw County, and surround.

{Photography} by Trudi LYnn

Newborn Baby, Maternity, & High School Senior Photographer

Serving Metro Detroit, Ann Arbor, & Surrounding Areas of Michigan