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Springtime in Paris / Eiffel Tower Themed Newborn Photography Michigan

Baby A’s mom found me during her search for newborn photographers in Michigan.  She enjoyed looking through my galleries, so she reached out prior to her little one’s birth.

We had a great conversation, and talked a lot about styling for the session. Baby A’s nursery is decorated in a “springtime in Paris theme”, so we planned for springtime colors, lots of pretty pink tones, and a mini Eiffel Tower.

Baby A arrived right on her due date, and we planned her session for her 11th day. She slept through most of the session, barely making a peep; we only stopped mid-way through for one quick meal.  After eating, she fell right back asleep, making cute little expressions. Her face lit up into a few sweet smiles, and I was able to capture them!

Along with the pretty pink springtime tones, we planned for some Paris themed photos too! Come to find out, her parents were actually engaged in Paris, which made the theme even more special!  I used my mini Eiffel Tower, arranging it near her while she dozed on a little bed, and cutest of all…having her hold it closely with her tiny fingers.  So sweet, and perfectly complimented to a Paris theme! What a fun story they’ll have to tell her!

To bring a little spring indoors, her momma brought along a bouquet of beautiful pink, magenta, and white peonies. We captured lots of beautiful shots with her surrounded in them.  Add in a little more pink, a unicorn bonnet,  angel wings, and a sparkly princess crown, and we finished up the session with tons of adorable, extra girly looks.

Read Baby A’s story and view her gallery of adorable newborn photos below…



Name: Baby A
Due Date: 04/29/18
Birthday: 04/29/18
Birth Time: 18:45
Weight: 3.07 kg
Length: 20.5 in


On sharing the news of her arrival:
To spouse-“OMG, we’re pregnant! (Immediately after doctor’s office phoned to confirm test results.)”
To mom-“At temple with announcement.”
To dad-“At restaurant with sis-YouTube worthy! :)”
To mom+dad- “In Collingwood with announcement.”

Cravings: “No cravings-except for Alphonso mangoes-Windsor!”

Pregnancy events: “*Sigh*.  Falling the Thursday before induction date on belly outside UPS store picking up a package…the diaper bag.”

The moment we first met her: “She was lifted over the C-section curtain and her father and I saw her for the first time.  I cried-tears of joy, after 3 days and 3 hours of pushing, plus a C-section!”

The first thing we noticed: “Her perfect form-everything about her was and is perfect and beautiful.”

Favorite features: “Her beautiful, expressive eyes.  Her long, pretty fingers.  Her spunk!  Taurus!”

Favorite moments: “Skin to skin cuddling.”

Memories to cherish: “Her looking up at me after feeding.  I never want to forget that she needs me to be the best I can be for her.”

“It’s amazing how much our lives have changes as a result of her arrival! I’m amazed at how much I love her and how I’d truly do anything to ensure her well-being.”


newborn baby girl swaddled in white holding mini eiffel tower statue on pink lacenewborn baby girl holding an Eiffel tower on pink lacenewborn baby girl in tiny iron bed swaddled in pinknewborn baby girl swaddled in pink on iron bed with eiffel towernewborn baby girl smiling swaddled in pink on pink lacenewborn baby girl headshot wearing pink swaddle and headband laying on lacenewborn baby girl holding eiffel tower statue swaddled in white on pink furnewborn baby girl holding eiffel tower statue swaddled in white on pink fur close facenewborn baby girl with white feather angel wings on pink backgroundnewborn baby girl on pink background with white feather angel wingsnewborn baby girl laying on pink background with a pink daisy tiebacknewborn baby girl laying on pink fur profilenewborn baby girl headshot on pink backgroundnewborn baby girl wearing fuzzy pink bear bonnetnewborn baby girl smiling surrounded by pink peony flowersnewborn baby girl laying on white fur holding pink peonynewborn baby girl holding pink peony flower with mother's hand on face



{Photography} by Trudi Lynn

Newborn Baby, Maternity, & High School Senior Picture Photographer

Serving Metro Detroit, Ann Arbor, & Surrounding Areas of Michigan.

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Located in Brighton, Michigan, {Photography} by Trudi Lynn is an award winning, internationally published custom portrait photographer specializing in artistic newborn baby photography. In addition to adorable newborn studio portraits . She is a senior photographer servicing Metro Detroit, Ann Arbor, and surrounding areas of Michigan. Using her photographic knowledge and ability, paired with artistic editing skills, Trudi creates heirloom works of art. Creating soulful maternity portraits, newborn portraits, baby portraits, and senior portraits for her clients in Michigan. Serving the Greater Metro Detroit, Ann Arbor, Brighton, and surrounding areas of Southeast Michigan, including, but not limited to, Northville, Novi, South Lyon, Birmingham, Bloomfield Hills, West Bloomfield, Rochester, Rochester Hills, Troy, Lansing, Howell, and Hartland. She serves Wayne County, Oakland County, Livingston County, Washtenaw County, and surround.

{Photography} by Trudi LYnn

Newborn Baby, Maternity, & High School Senior Photographer

Serving Metro Detroit, Ann Arbor, & Surrounding Areas of Michigan