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When Baby A’s grandma called me, it was a blast from the past.  I’d photographed her first grandson 8 years previously.  Wow, how time flies!  She’d just welcomed another grand daughter and was reaching out to get a newborn photography session scheduled for her.

Baby A’s mom knew she liked very natural, simple, and neutral looks, so we stuck to a mainly white and ivory color palette.  Soft and beautiful.  To round out her gallery of images, we added a small pop of color to her last look, styling her in a soft teal.

Baby A had the prettiest hair and chubby cheeks.  She slept like a dream, and we captured lots of beautiful looks that I was excited to share with her family.


Baby A
Due Date: 01/06/18
Birthday: 01/10/18
Birth Time: 8:41 am

Weight: 8.23 lbs
Length: 20.5 in


Baby A’s Story…

On sharing the news of pregnancy: “I’m pretty low key, so no big special announcement or gender reveal.  I tried to tell our mothers on Mother’s Day, but we couldn’t wait for one and the other ended up being sick, so she was told later.”

Special events during pregnancy: “Not so much, it was a really easy pregnancy.”

Cravings: “I’ve always had food cravings, so I could never tell if it was normal or pregnancy craving.  I did drink a lot of milk in my last month of pregnancy.”

On naming baby: “Her middle name is from my grandmother, who left this world too soon.  I’ve had the name in my head for the longest time, even though I said I didn’t want children.”

The moment I first met her: “A wave of emotions, including shock, awe, fullness in my heart, and a tinge of fear.”

First thing I noticed: “Her full head of hair.”

Favorite features: “Her long hair and chubby cheeks.  Basically, every adorable inch of her.”

Favorite moments: “Favorite moments are late night feedings when she and the house are peaceful and quiet.  It feels like we are the only two people in the world. I never want to forget how small and comfortable she feels in  my arms.”

Adorable things she does: “She tucks her hand/arm under her face when she’s sleeping.  She makes adorable faces when  making #2.”

newborn baby girl swaddled in cream egg posePINIMAGEclose up profile of newborn baby girlPINIMAGEclose up baby toes and newborn swaddled in creamPINIMAGEnewborn baby girl swaddled in cream on iron bedPINIMAGEheadshot of newborn baby girl in basketPINIMAGEnewborn baby girl in scalloped wicker basketPINIMAGEnewborn baby girl head on hands posePINIMAGEnewborn baby girl in cream on lacy backgroundPINIMAGEnewborn baby girl swaddled in cream on furPINIMAGEnewborn baby girl on cream furPINIMAGEnewborn baby girl swaddled in teal on furPINIMAGE

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I received a call from Sophia’s mom, who was searching for a newborn photographer.  Sophia was already on her 6th day, so her momma wanted to get her in to be photographed right away.  After chatting, it ended up that I actually had an opening in my schedule for the very next day.  This time slot worked perfectly for Sophia’s mom, so we quickly made plans, chatted about preferences, and planned to have Sophia ready the next morning for her newborn photography session.

Sophia arrived to my studio for her newborn session on a dreary March Wednesday that certainly didn’t have spring in the air.  With a full belly, and slightly awake, it allowed me to get a few cute photos of her with her eyes open before I lulled her off to sleep.  She slept peacefully for me, only rousing for one quick mid session snack.  We did quite a few set ups with her…snuggled as a bunny in a little bed, wearing pretty pink and spring green tones, wearing a sweet pink bear bonnet, and her delicately holding a mini spring daffodil in her tiny baby fingers.

I couldn’t be happier with the gallery of photos, and I’m so pleased that her momma is too.  It was a whirlwind session, but I don’t think it could have went more perfectly.  It was meant to be!



Baby’s name: Sophia Ruby Grace 
Due Date: 3/20/2018
Birthday: 3/21/2018
Birth Time: 3:36 pm 
Weight: 6 lbs 11 oz 
Length: 53cm


Sophia’s Story…

Sharing the news of her arrival: “For my husband, I asked him to take the food out of the oven.  When he opened the oven, there was a bun in there.  He asked, “Why is there a bun in the oven?”  I smiled at him, and it took him a few seconds.  Then he said, “Oh really! Wow! We’re having a baby???”

Pregnancy Cravings: “Subway veggie sandwiches fully loaded with all veggies minus banana peppers with 4 (Yes, only 4!) jalapeno peppers.

Naming Sophia: “We wanted a classic name and we both loved Sophia.  Ruby is Sophia’s daddy’s great grandmother’s name.  She was alive when I was pregnant, but passed 4 months before Sophia was born.  Grace means “God’s Favor” and that was the name of the hospital where I was born.”

The moment I first met Sophia: “Awe!! Even after she came out I thought: I can’t believe there was a human inside of me!”

First thing I noticed: “That her pigment hadn’t come in yet! :)”

Favorite features: “I love her cheeks, the way she curls her little toes and legs, and how she flicks her tongue when she’s feeding.”

Favorite moments: “Although it’s the wee hours of the morning, I love the still, quiet time we have together while I’m breastfeeding.  When she gets “milk drunk”, I love how she cuddles on my chest.”

Adorable things: “She has this little worried look on her face when she’s feeding as if she doesn’t know where her next meal is coming from.”

newborn baby girl swaddled in green wrap holding yellow daffodilPINIMAGEnewborn baby girl close up profile swaddled in green wrap holding yellow daffodil smirkingPINIMAGEnewborn baby girl wearing green in basket holding yellow daffodilPINIMAGEnewborn baby girl wearing green in basket holding yellow daffodilPINIMAGEnewborn baby girl swaddled in pink laying in a heart shaped bowlPINIMAGEnewborn baby girl headshot swaddled in pink with pink daisy tieback on pink furPINIMAGEnewborn baby girl awake and alert swaddled in green laying on pink furPINIMAGEnewborn baby girl awake and alert swaddled in green laying on pink furPINIMAGEnewborn baby girl headshot wearing pink mohair bonnet on lavender blanketPINIMAGEnewborn baby girl swaddled in pink sleeping in a baby bed wearing bunny bonnet with carrotPINIMAGE


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After working with Cameron’s family several years ago, I was excited to learn they were expecting baby number two!  First, we planned for a beautiful outdoor winter maternity photography session  to capture their pregnancy, and then scheduled a newborn session for Cameron’s February due date.

Winter flew by. February brought lots of snow, and along with it, Cameron’s arrival.  We set a date for his newborn portraits, but a huge winter storm snowed us in. No worries though, we rescheduled our session, which fell on Cameron’s 16th day, an unseasonably warm winter Thursday.

Cameron’s mom had spent the months preceding his newborn photo session sending me lot of ideas and inspiration.  She loved blues, grays, browns, and teal for the color palette.  One of her favorite props (which happens to be one of my most popular), was my rustic wooden bed, so we made sure to use that. We also incorporated a chunky knitted cocoon, a pair of knitted pants (momma didn’t want any birthday suit shots), a sweet blue bear bonnet, and an adorable mini football, perfect for baby sized hands.

Big brother joined in the session too, so we could capture sibling photos, and the two boys couldn’t have been cuter together. As for Cameron, he slept with one eye open for most of the session, making me work extra hard to keep him comfy and cozy.  Didn’t matter though, his gallery of newborn photos is perfection, showcasing that adorable head of hair and chubby cheeks.



Baby’s name:  Cameron Kash 
Due Date:  2/4/2018
Birthday:  1/29/2018
Birth Time:  9:08am
Weight:  8lb 1oz
Length:  19 1/2in



Cameron’s Story…

Sharing the news of pregnancy: “We waited until I was 12 weeks into the pregnancy to announce the news to our family/friends.  It was so hard to keep it a secret.  So, when I had my 12 wk ultrasound we shared the photo and let everyone know that Connor was going to be a BIG BROTHER!”

Eventful pregnancy moments: “Not really!  I had a really easy pregnancy and enjoyed every moment. ”

Naming Cameron: “We could not agree on a name for the life of us.  My husband really had his heart set on the name Kash.  I thought Connor & Kash sounded more like a country band, lol.  So one day my husband suggested “Cameron Kash” and I said “that’s it!”  I loved it.  Connor & Cameron.”

Describe the moment that you first met Cameron: “I had a c-section so I couldn’t hold him right when he was born.  But when I first saw him, I cried because he was so perfect and he looked like his big brother.”

First thing I noticed about Cameron: “He had so much black hair!!  I hope he keeps it.” 🙂

Favorite features: “Everything about him, from his long cute toes to his beautiful dark hair.  I can’t get enough of his cuteness.”

Favorite moment: “My favorite moment so far was seeing my husband give him his first bottle when he was born.  I love seeing my husband love on his boys.”  🙂

newborn baby boy snuggled on beige background wearing brown pantsPINIMAGEnewborn baby boy wearing brown knitted pants laying on beige backgroundPINIMAGEnewborn baby boy close up profile on beige backgroundPINIMAGEnewborn baby boy wearing brown pants with pocket laying on side on beige backgroundPINIMAGEnewborn baby boy swaddled in blue laying on beige blanketPINIMAGEnewborn baby boy headshot swaddled in blue with beige backgroundPINIMAGEnewborn baby boy swaddled with fingers peeking out in blue wrap on beige backgroundPINIMAGEnewborn baby boy headshot with slight smile and hands peeking outPINIMAGEnewborn baby boy holding mini football while swaddled in blue wrapPINIMAGEnewborn baby boy headshot holding brown mini footballPINIMAGEnewborn baby boy swaddled in blue wearing blue bear bonnetPINIMAGEnewborn baby boy puckering lips on beige background wearing blue bear bonnetPINIMAGEnewborn baby boy in gray snuggle sack with toes peeking out on cream furPINIMAGEnewborn baby boy headshot in gray snuggle sack on cream furPINIMAGEnewborn baby boy in gray snuggle sack with toes peeking outPINIMAGEnewborn baby boy laying in wood bed awake with eyes openPINIMAGEnewborn baby boy tucked into wooden bed awake with eyes openPINIMAGEnewborn baby boy sleeping in rustic wooden bedPINIMAGEnewborn baby boy sleeping in rustic wooden bed with wood backgroundPINIMAGEnewborn baby boy smiling wearing blue bear bonnet laying on blue furPINIMAGEnewborn baby boy smiling wearing blue bear bonnet laying on gray furPINIMAGEnewborn baby boy swaddled in teal laying on furPINIMAGEnewborn baby boy swaddled in blue on white furPINIMAGEnewborn baby boy snuggling with big brother sibling family photoPINIMAGEnewborn baby family photo snuggling with sibling brotherPINIMAGE

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Medical situations and injuries seemed to be a common theme while planning for Eleanor’s newborn photography session! It all started when I received a call from a fellow newborn photographer, and due to a medical issue, she was unable to photograph Eleanor’s newborn portraits.  She put me into contact with Eleanor’s mom, and after a great conversation we proceeded to get Eleanor’s newborn session scheduled right away.

With that, we started the wait for Eleanor to arrive.  It wasn’t long! She wasn’t due until the end of January, but a medical situation brought her an early entrance into the world.  After a healthy delivery, momma and baby ended up having to stay in the hospital for a little while longer, finally making it home just a day or so before the session was scheduled.

Exactly 10 days before she was due, and when she was exactly 10 days old, we were all set and ready for Eleanor’s newborn photography session. But guess what?  THIS photographer sprained her ankle and ended up in an ankle brace and crutches that very morning.  No worries though, I hobbled and crawled my way through the session, capturing a beautiful gallery of adorable newborn images!

Eleanor’s mom knew she wanted very neutral, simple, and organic looks…lots of creamy white and super girly.  I think we were able to capture those looks perfectly, and Eleanor even gave us a few sweet smiles.

Read Eleanor’s story and view her beautiful gallery of newborn photos below…



Baby’s name: Eleanor Monroe  
Due Date: 1/28/18
Birthday: 1/8/18
Birth Time: 2:47 pm 
Weight: 6 lbs 6 oz 
Length: 19 3/4 inches



Eleanor’s Story…

On expecting Eleanor: “We shared our pregnancy via FaceTime with close family first. At 16 weeks, we shared on social media with an ultrasound pic next to our two dogs aka our other babies.” 😂

During pregnancy: “The pregnancy was luckily uneventful. I did have some cravings though. The first trimester I was super sick, but when I could eat, I craved nachos with sour cream. I tried to make it healthier by substituting Greek yogurt for sour cream though 😂. The second trimester and into the third I craved sweets! I had the worst sweet tooth….cupcakes, cookies, candy, ice cream, you name it. If it was a baked good or sweet treat, I had to have it.”

Naming Eleanor: “We had a hard time picking a name. The name Eleanor Monroe doesn’t have any family ties, but was the one her dad and I 100% agreed upon from the start. It was always at the top of our short list.”

The day Eleanor arrived: “Our delivery was quite stressful and we almost ended up with a c section after 3 hours of pushing due to the position she was in. Luckily right before they were going to call the c-section, I felt Eleanor turn and I was able to deliver vaginally. When I first saw her I was so flooded with emotions. I loved her immediately and just kept kissing her head and rubbing her back. I couldn’t believe That she was mine!”

The first thing we noticed: “Her beautiful lips!”

Favorite features: “Her perfect tiny hands and feet and her gorgeous, full lips. She also is so patient and I can tell has such a kind heart.”

Favorite moments: “My favorite moments are while breastfeeding. She cuddles so hard and holds my hand. It’s the sweetest! After breastfeeding, especially between 11pm-2am she becomes very alert. You can tell she is taking it all in and just stares so hard into your eyes. It melts my heart!”

Personality traits: “She loves to look around. She is so alert for her age and so aware. She loves when we talk to her and she stares back so intently.”

newborn baby girl smiling on pink fur with sparkly headbandPINIMAGEnewborn baby girl on pink fur wrapped in white bow smilingPINIMAGEnewborn baby girl wrapped in white wrap on simple white backgroundPINIMAGEnewborn baby girl posed on white background with rhinestone tiebackPINIMAGEnewborn baby girl wearing sparkly tiebackPINIMAGEnatural newborn baby girl wrapped in whitePINIMAGEnewborn baby girl snuggled in wrap on white furPINIMAGEnewborn baby girl wrapped in gray in jute basketPINIMAGEnewborn baby girl family photo with mother and fatherPINIMAGEMother kissing newborn baby girlPINIMAGEnewborn baby girl nose to nose with fatherPINIMAGE

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Levon is the second winning baby from my newborn photography session giveaway!  He made his way into the world one day past his due date, and we planned his newborn session for his 8th day earth-side.

His session fell on an unseasonably warm, gray winter day, the ground littered with puddles of melted snow.  Even though he’d eaten before heading over, he was hungry upon arrival.  I wrapped him up all snug and cozy, and then handed him over to his momma for a little milk. While eating, he squiggled and wiggled, managing to almost completely unwrap himself.  I have to say, I’m a pretty good wrapper, and most babies aren’t able to wiggle out quite so easily!  This should have given me an early hint as to his personality!  This guy DEFINITELY kept me on my toes!

Though you wouldn’t know it from looking through his gallery of newborn photos, Levon was a wiggly-squiggly worm for most of his session! Half asleep, half awake, he made sure to keep one pirate eye on me at all times, watching my every move. EVENTUALLY, I lulled him into a calm and cozy state.  Snoozing the rest of his session away, I was able to finish with lots of adorable poses.

Read Levon’s story and view his gallery of newborn photos below…



Name: Levon Michael 
Due Date: 1.12.18
Birthday: 1.13.18
Birth Time: 11:48am
Weight: 8lbs 10oz
Length: 21.5 in



Levon’s Story…


On Levon’s arrival:  “I waited until daddy came home and set up a 6 pack of beers on the counter with a onesie, the positive test, and a note that read: Save for mommy until January 2018.”

Pregnancy Cravings: “Cravings changed frequently, but mostly I wanted crinkly fries and water with lots of ice.  I also missed champagne–a lot!  I eventually found a non-alcoholic version.”

Levon’s name: “A bunch of years ago while my husband was watching The Last Waltz, he decided that one day when he had a son he wanted to name him Levon after the lead singer of the band.”

First moments: “Hearing Levon’s first cry was overwhelming to the both of us with instant love and joy.  Seeing his little face was like falling in love with him and his daddy all over again.”

The first thing I noticed: “All of the dark hair made me instantly think of how much he looked like his daddy.”

Favorite features: “His lips and all the funny faces he makes.”

Favorite moments: “Before bed at our last feeling.  I love watching him snuggled up on daddy’s chest.  His head is always right up against daddy’s beard and it doesn’t even affect him.”

newborn baby boy in blue bonnet smirking smilingPINIMAGEnewborn baby boy in blue bonnet making kissy lipsPINIMAGEnewborn baby boy posed on blue background simple naturalPINIMAGEnewborn baby boy sideview laying on blue backgroundPINIMAGEnewborn baby boy snuggled on blue backgroundPINIMAGEnewborn baby boy wearing blue bear bonnetPINIMAGEnewborn baby boy wearing blue bear bonnetPINIMAGEnewborn baby boy sleeping in wood bed snuggling stuffed deerPINIMAGEnewborn baby boy wrapped in maize and bluePINIMAGEnewborn baby boy wrapped in maize and blue wearing ivory bonnetPINIMAGEnewborn baby boy wrapped in maize and blue wearing ivory bonnetPINIMAGEnewborn baby boy wearing football bonnet resting chin on footballPINIMAGEnewborn baby boy in football hat holding a footballPINIMAGEnewborn baby boy in football hat holding a footballPINIMAGEnewborn baby boy with family smilingPINIMAGEnewborn baby boy with family mom and dad kissingPINIMAGE


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